Hiya pals.

I’m Fionn, although I monopolise the username Feebles620 – I play games a lot and think about them even more. Here are some of my thoughts, opinions and ramblings on the games I play. I’m trying to post some more game reviews for new(ish) releases.

You can find my favourite posts from 2016 here, to get you started.

Currently I have a few ongoing series:

Sunday Swatch (every Sunday) : Do you want to keep up on current discussions in the gaming world? Want to see some great/interesting/unusual/heartfelt content on games? Well come find me every Sunday where I deliver you some (mostly) fresh articles, podcasts and videos that have caught my attention.

Throwback Thursday (every other Thursday) : A series where I look at the games from my childhood that influenced me, for better or worse. From retro games and classics, to whatever I found in my local second hand game shop. More subjective musings on these games than a objective look back.

Faith in Dark Souls (no scheduled date, usually goes up on a Saturday): A collection of posts where I examine how faith and religion functions in the world of Dark Souls. TLDR I think it’s incredibly important to the world building and lore of Dark Souls, and looking at it in greater detail really interests me.

Dead Easy (no regular, scheduled upload): I see so much discussion of difficulty in games, why there should/shouldn’t be easy modes in all games. Whether this is for low level players, of disabled/differently abled players. This is such a huge and complex subject, and one that I have not personally made my mind up on. In these posts I try to break down individual arguments and examine the merit to them.

I welcome comments and discussion on my posts. You can contact me at feebles640@gmail.com.

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