So, I really haven’t posted much in quite a while, but I’ve missed my little blog, so I’m making an effort to come back.

I’ve been playing a lot of tabletop RPGs recently, so I think I’d like to write about that. And while I’d like to share my experiences of playing different systems and settings, I’d like to talk about world building, and the shared experience of playing and creating stories together.

Beyond that, I’ve been feeling like I don’t know what I would write about here. Life has been kind of busy, and it’s left me with not as much time to play games. And so I end up feeling like, maybe I don’t have anything to say? So maybe I’m experiencing writer’s fear, rather than writer’s block. But writing is fun, and remembering that is worth more than writing something “relevant”.

Anyway, I’m back and I’ll see you around.


2 thoughts on “Back

    • Hey pal! I’ve watched play throughs of the initial demo and I watched my flatmate play through the beginning of the game. So I’m not sure I’ve seen enough to have formed, proper thoughts on it. But he did have to stop playing because there was a sexual assault/rape scene that was upsetting for everyone (disclosure: I was out the room so didn’t actually see it).
      So TLDR: I so far expect of Outlast 2 what I got from Outlast 1 – a fairy decent, scary game that is definitely problematic, but in a way that is typical for shock value horror.


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