Sunday Swatch

I skipped out on last week’s Swatch because I didn’t read much that caught my eye. So, sod’s law, I read and watched hunners of things that were fantastic this week. So forgive me if this week is a bit long, and consider it an apology for last week’s.

This week has been the week of the Switch. Personally, I’m undecided if I want to blow £200 plus on a console with so few games I’m interested in. But if I do, it will be mostly for Breath of the Wild. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, go do yourself a favour and feast your eyes on its beauty. The landscape, the design, the characters all look amazing, but for me it’s the fashion that stands out. Do not deny that Link, Zelda and co look fresh in this trailer. And for some people, they’re really excited about Zelda’s new outfit – get some of the chat here.

Despite coming out in 2015, Bloodborne still entrances players and critics a like, although it is a SoulsBorne, so perhaps that shouldn’t be too surprising. This week two pieces on Bloodborne really caught my eye. The first is this video from Writing on Games which dissects the minor tweeks From Soft made on the Dark Souls mechancis, and how these changes had a huge impact on how Bloodborne plays. Then this post  examines the themes of health and healing within Yharnam. Both are definitely worth a look.

I’ve been playing Fallout 4 recently, trying (for the 3rd time) to figure out why people like it so much. With the game on my mind, this article  in which a woman who spent her childhood in a war zone plays the game really caught my eye. Since war zones are a far off concept to me, it was insightful to see this piece of pop culture through the eyes of someone who had lived this reality already.

I haven’t thought about LA Noire since I finished playing it, but this article really sparked my interest in the game again. It offers a deep analysis on the symbolism of the Intolerance set featured in the game, and shows how this is central to the game’s ideas about the failure of the American Dream. This imagery went past me when I played – I hadn’t heard of the film Intolerance until this article. Worth checking out.

The Last Guardian is either the best game of 2016 or the worst, depending on who you talk to. But everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be in agreement that the animal AI for Trico is pretty realistic. I’ve yet to play it yet (the moans about fighting the camera have put me off) but this video has me rethinking it. It looks at how the relationship between the boy and animal is embedded into the game mechanics, and showed me a side of the game I hadn’t seen.

This post went up on Fem Hype and I think it’s really valuable. Speaking on autism and empowerment it outlines what is enjoyable in gaming for this particular person, in relation to their autism. This is a subject I haven’t had the chance to hear about very often, so I was glad of this piece.

And  here’s an article on the architectural styles of Dishonored 2 and how they reflect the in-game history of the city.

And finally, a fun ending to our Sunday Swatch, the return of Monster Factory. Rejoice in the Knife Dad!

Hopefully all this should tide you over until next week. Let me know if you watch/read anything interesting, I’m always on the look out for good writing on games.

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