The Witcher 3: Good Ending, Ciri becomes Empress

suppose somewhere I was fine. Where you meet me this time around.
Go, still be there.

She’s gone. She had to eager prepared all by herself.
How long?
Where’d she go?


They’re here for me, Geralt. I know you didn’t expect this
and I spoke argued, really, and parted

this morning  a matter of life and death.
We supposed today tomorrow tonight sunup, I showed you just how much you still
have to learn.
Thought we had time. A lot more time.
I wanted to make every minute count.

now hunting Nothing just waiting for you here.
cold in winter as the snow melts.
You promised me before we left.
Let’s go

we should probably try
You said it yourself
a rare sight, a rare venture But if you wanna see come!

would you like that?
I wouldn’t mind do you plan to?
That’s not me, you know that.
You’ve made your decision. And I made mine long ago.

that’s all to rip you wide open.
you’ll see.
you’re angry
wanted but careless,
and understand there won’t be a next time
I’m sorry,
it’s not time.
All right. Enough.

I’ll improvise. Wait here. An old witchers’ trick for tough winters but effective
Remember, Just in case. Never know what could happen
You could’ve told me, warned me.

I wanted to, I didn’t know how. I’ve been happy here.
I was afraid I’d ruin it.
When do you leave?

Those months they passed so quickly. I wish we’d spent more time together then
messenger came I wasn’t sure
I wish to change anything, I cannot so I must
stop fleeing.

why show it to me at all
your life
remember me
how could I forget?
War’s over.
Take me to the Blue Mountains
I’ll be damned chasing monsters
how I feared  I’d never manage,
black and blue all the time. a nightmare.
Almost managed to forget today.

don’t do this to me

Almost there. Careful now. no time for you and me.
Ciri, wait. We don’t need to play

Who taught you a long time ago.
Back when I wanted
to suggest
do you even know
I don’t want to hear you
say goodbye

Is this what you want?

You’ll be fine
You’ll not try to stop me?
Traveled half the world to find you, but I never intended to force anything on you.
forget about
a bit of exertion.
Remember what I taught you. Never know — could be useful there, too…

We needn’t say goodbye.
Course we don’t.
I don’t know when we’ll see each other again.
You know where to find me. Makes no difference. You’ll find me.

Note: Since my letters from The Long Dark went over well I thought I’d try something else weird/a bit of creative writing. So have this, which I guess is some found poetry about The Witcher? The Wild Hunt offers 3 endings to the main game and one of the ‘good’ endings results in Geralt’s daughter Ciri leaving him to become Empress. Since the two were only recently reunited I think this ending is kind of heartbreaking for a ‘good’ ending. This poem is made by rearranging the dialogue from Geralt and Ciri during the last scene. I wanted them to be honest about how sad this parting was, and how much they love each other. 

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