Throwback Thursday: SNES


The release of the mini NES and the surrounding nostalgia has got me thinking about my first game console – the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The SNES came out in Japan in 1990 (where it was called the Super Famicon) and was released in Europe in 1992. It didn’t make it’s way into my life until 1997 but it remained a staple of our house for about 3/4 years.

I vaguely remember the day when my dad came home with the second hand console. The first game we had was Starfox, which I loved due to the space animals, but I was too young to really understand how to play it (I was just turning 6, I didn’t read the in game instructions). My cousins gave us there cast offs as they had made their way to the newer Playstation by this point.

Favourite games in our house were: Street Fighter (I mained as Chun-Li), Mario Cart (great way to work out sibling rivalry), The Lion King, Castlevania and every Mario game, but especially Yoshi’s Island. Donkey Kong Country 2 was my dad’s favourite, and I remember sitting in the kitchen watching him play. He was also into the Pagemaster game – which in retrospect feels like a dream, no one else I talks to seems to remember this film. I thought it was great.


The SNES still lives on in my heart. Some of my cartridges were duct taped and still running, most of them required you to blow on them before playing. I did not love the tendency to delete save files, or to note down passwords to protect yourself from this eventuality. But the SNES started my love of games, and even though I was too small to properly play most of the games we had, I have fond memories of them. When the SNES ruled we played a lot as a family, most games had 2 players, and it was always fun to watch someone else play.

Sorry to cut short – I’ve got a sudden urge to crawl in my attic and drag my SNES back into my life…

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