Skyrim and the Ultimate Power Fantasy

Sometimes reality is hard and hurtful, and in these times we often turn to escapist fiction, whether it’s books, films or video games. Sometimes we choose worlds where everything is softer, sweeter, where problems can be resolved by the last page or closing scene.

Other times we may turn to worlds where we can imagine ourselves to be stronger, more powerful, with the tools to defeat our enemies. Power fantasies are important to the disenfranchised and the overlooked. In real life you may be forced to cower and keep quiet to survive, but in your fictional life all evil trembles at the mere mention of your name. For me Skyrim offers the ultimate power fantasy: the ability to shout people to death.

In various workplaces of my past I have been forced to sit and silently listen to work colleagues ignorantly talk about mental health and BME peoples, left to silently seethe. In Skyrim, my Dragonborn can shout racist Nords to Oblivon.

In the street I have kept my head down and my pace fast, as strange men shout and leer at me. Where I lack any power or prowess, physical or verbal, my Dragonborn has both in spades. With just her voice she can send men running.

In my own home I have sat and said nothing when part of the essence of who I am is denied. My Dragonborn warrior makes all listen to her, and if they do not she will make them regret it.

No one interrupts her, it’s physically impossible! She can shout a dragon to death and save the world with her voice! Truly Skyrim is the greatest power fantasy of all marginalised and silenced people everywhere.

And it’s funny but.

[I know I’ve seen a hilarious video involving shouting an NPC off a mountain mid speech and they climb back up and continue their speech. If you know what I’m on about, please link me!]

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