Sombra Update

Today is the day. The never ending ARG is finally over and Sombra is here.

Previously I, along with the rest of the internet, had speculated about Sombra based on teases. You can read my guesses here and here. I thought it might be fun to have a good look at her and see what I got right and wrong.

Who is she?

Hacker supreme. In her Overwatch bio, Sombra’s real name has been omitted, perhaps suggesting there is still more of her story to come. Her home is Dorado, and in fact it appears that the leak from Blizzard internal site was legit, as much of the information matches.

So initially I was convinced that Sombra was not Alejandro. But, having watched the Infiltration short, I’m starting to think differently. Maybe it’s the Overwatch style of animation but those big eyes look like young Alejandro. I haven’t done the maths to work out if she matches in age, and honestly I’ll leave that to others, but I could definitely be convinced they’re the same person. Either way, Sombra is way cuter than I thought she would be.

Overwatch or Talon?

In the short we see her working with Talon, but she clearly has her own agenda and isn’t concerned about going against Talon. Seeing the last few days of the ARG made me think that my initial theory ¬†was correct, and Sombra was more a grey area hero. Her rhetoric about Lumerico was about exposing corruption. I think we’ll see her leaving Talon in the near future, even if not of her own accord I don’t think she’ll get away with playing Talon for long.

What can she do?

The official Blizzard site has a good run down of her abilities, but I’ll go through them here too.

So firstly: she is an offensive hero. She has a short range machine pistol, and I’m betting, due to her class and abilities, that her health is on the lower side.

Her hacking abilities have been integrated into her attacks and I’m actually impressed with how it’s done. Hack¬†allows Sombra to stop enemies using abilities and even prevents them from using health packs. EMP, which I assume is her ultimate, hacks enemies plus removes shields. Both these attacks can be used like McCree’s Stun Grenade and Ana’s Sleep Dart to shut down ultimate attacks. EMP will be good for when enemies are grouped on the point, and will see Reindhardt’s vulnerable to attacks.

Thermoptic Camo is Sombra’s stealth function, allowing her to become invisible with boosted movement. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts for as the description only states “for a short period of time”. I would also be interested to see if Hanzo or Widowmaker’s sight abilities allow her to be seen. This stealth function wares off once Sombra attacks or take damage. She’ll probably be vulnerable to Junkrat and Widowmaker’s traps. Sombra’s Camo will be good for flanking and getting into position to use her EMP.

And finally we have the Translocator. This allows Sombra to place a device that will allow her to transport back to at any time. Not only is this a one woman Symmetra portal, but can also allow Sombra to flee to safety like Tracer’s rewind does. The description hints that it can also be thrown to access hard to reach areas.

All in all I’m excited to for her to be playable, and I’m eagerly tuning into streamers at Blizzcon to see how she actually plays. Let me know what you think of her. Was the ARG wait worth it?


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