Sunday Swatch

Rock Paper Shotgun talks to Virginia writer and designer about the use of jump cuts in the game. It’s a detailed look and what they did and why. I’d recommend it for those who have played Virginia and are wondering what was technically done to make it memorable.

More on Virginia – Polygon rounds up some of the theories about the ending of the game here. I find some of these interesting, and it’s always enjoyable to read other people’s differing theories on the same text. I however don’t really mind not knowing what the end means. In my post on Virginia I talked about David Lynch, who is probably one of my favourite storytellers/people. In coming to love Lynch’s work, I first had to learn to let go of the search for a definitive meaning. In order to understand his work on its own terms I had to stop trying to understand it and just experience it. This was an approach I applied to Virginia too. I am sure the creators had a meaning when they created the game, but I recommend not searching too hard for it. Just let the game wash through your mind and be absorbed into your subconscious, where it can fester for months until it gives you weird and beautiful dreams.

Moving on, and the anniversary edition of Tomb Raider arrives! To celebrate, the Guardian posted this amazing interview with Lara herself. Please, do yourself a favour and check it out.

I’ve never actually played Dishonored, but I’m actually really excited to get into the new sequel. This is an excellent breakdown/musing on the Clockwork Mansion level that has been released to the press. I’d also recommend watching some play throughs of this level, as it looks so beautifully complex. My internet time is currently limited (having to switch off the electricity to do work on the house) so if I find some good ones later, I’ll link them here.

To absolutely no woman’s surprise, it turns out female avatars in MMOs get harassed by men in exchange for gifts. If you want to read more about the obvious discomfort this causes gamers of all genders, read this article on Kotaku.

And finally, this video is a celebration of the nightmare that is Dark Souls Blighttown section. It argues (effectively) that this horrible level is formative for Dark Souls players, and that it is a piece of level design genius (which it is). Watch it below.

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