Overwatch: Sombra Predictions and Hopes – Part 2

Previously I have shared speculation about coming-soon Overwatch hero Sombra, which you can see here. Recently we’ve had updates in the ARG and some credible looking leaks which may shed some light on who Sombra is. With the Halloween updated arriving any day now (fingers crossed for tonight), and A Moment in Crime countdown closing in, it feels like we’ll have some concrete answers soon. So, with this is mind I thought I’d revisit my predictions and share some more.

Leaked image of Sombra

Who is she?

As the text below the image reads, she is “one of the world’s best and most notorious hackers”. I’m pretty sure she’s not Alejandro, as some early theories suggested, but she has clear links to the Dorado map and Solider 76 short. The text states that she worked with the Los Muertos gang – so I was right there was some kind of tie in to that area, which to be fair, was something most of us suspected. It states she was young during the Ominic Crisis – this would put her on the younger end of the Overwatch hero scale, since the original Overwatch agents were adults with accomplished military records by that point. There has been theories about Sombra being the daughter of Solider 76 or Reaper, and going by age that could still be feasible, although I’m personally not too sure about this.

Overwatch or Talon?

Talon. As I had said previously the Overwatch line up is currently light on bad guys, so it makes sense the next hero would be Talon to balance the roster out. I’m still curious about how Solider 76 fits into this as there seemed to be hints that he was connected to her somehow. If she is Talon and knows Reaper, perhaps Solider has just had contact with her through fighting them.

What can she do?

Well, we still don’t know that. Going by previous voice lines I still think she’ll have some kind of stealth function.

In the image above she is holding a gun and I think this perhaps hints at what kind of role she’ll play. Judging by her size and outfit, she’s not going to be in the tank class, and since Ana was a support hero I don’t think she’ll be one too. So that leaves offensive, defensive, sniper or builder. Looking at the gun she’s holding, she’s not a sniper. I have no solid reason for this, but I just get the vibe that she’s not really a defensive hero. Although it would be cool if she fell into the builder class somehow – since we know she’s a hacker, and it’s something the ARG has made a big deal of, it seems weird it wouldn’t be incorporated into her battle style. I have no idea how that would work in Overwatch – could she construct something to enter into the battlefield?

I think it’s most likely that she might be offensive – judging by her size and weapon it looks likely. And if she does have some kind of stealth function, it makes it fairer if she’s squishy. She’d be OP if she could stealth and have a load of health too. If stealth is her main thing, then to balance the game it would need to be used sparsely, which what would be the point of that, or she would need to have reduced damage or health.

I really hope this leak is legit and this is what Sombra looks like, because this design looks really cool. Speculation is that Sombra will make her appearance at the end of the Halloween event, or at Blizcon on the 4/5th of November. Either way, we don’t have that much longer to wait. Which I am so glad about. I’m sure the ARG has been fun for those involved, but personally I am ready to just have Sombra in the game, it feels too drawn out for me.

Hopefully it’s gonna be soon, and I can’t wait to see how everyone’s predictions pan out!

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