Sunday Swatch

Hey – So as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve not been feeling too great, and you might have noticed there’s been no Sunday Swatch for the last couple of weeks. So please excuse this hastily cobbled together post, I felt like I needed to post something and try and get back into a schedule.

The Witcher is still my life right now. I can’t get over it okay? I really enjoyed the DLCs and while I think Blood and Wine was overall stronger, Hearts of Stone really stands out to me for the Dead Man’s Party quest. I genuinely laughed all the way through this section of the game (I was drunk, but I do think it is pretty funny sober too). Kotaku agree with me on this one, and they’ve even got an article about how good it is. Relive this stand out moment here.

Here’s a piece of baffling news: people are up in arms about how a pokemon looks too feminine. I.. don’t understand this. At all. Not only because it’s such a dumb thing to get worked up about, but because this is not this first time a pokemon has looked really feminine or masculine? I honestly don’t get it – read this and let me know your thoughts.

I really enjoyed this article about the genre of New Weird and how it has manifest in video games. I had never heard of this genre before, although I have read/played some of the cannon staples. I’m glad to know there’s a name for the kind of fiction I find myself drawn to, and it has made me hungry for the new Dishonoured.

Did you ever play Dante’s Inferno? I did, but I’m not surprised that no one else I know has. It’s shit-good. It’s violent and over the top and gross, but it takes itself seriously, leaving you to laugh at it, rather than with it. It is fun though. This article shows a kindness towards the game  and seriously considers its aesthetics compared to more classic Inferno designs. Its an interesting read and I do recommend it, even if I’m not wholly convinced by its artistic merits.

And I’ll leave it at that, hopefully we’ll have some confirmed Overwatch/Sombra news soon!

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