Sunday Swatch

Hiya pals. I’m feeling pretty under the weather this week, but at least there’s video games to keep me company as I wallow in my sickness. So please excuse that today’s batch of links contains a good few videos, I’m tired and congested.

To me, Limmy is one of the funniest people I (don’t) know. For those of you outside Glasgow who don’t know, Limmy is a Scottish comedian who had a comedy sketch show on BBC. He’s also pretty into games, and if you follow him on Twitter or Youtube you’ve probably seen some of his escapades, such as this one. I’ve been thinking about all week and laughing to myself.


Rock Paper Shotgun have this post with a couple of videos showing video game weapons being forged. Maybe it’s just me, but I found it really mesmerising. When it comes to cosplay and things like this, I just can’t get over the talent and creativity it takes to take an image from a magical world and make it into a real thing. It blows my mind.

Do you know what else really impresses me from video game fans? Videos like this one from Fallout 4. I love that people can make something original, funny and creative from a game. I guess this is in the same vein as the Limmy video. If you know of great videos like this, link me please!


If all this talk of videos makes you want to play games about videos check out this article from Kill Screen about VHS in horror games, followed by a list of some of the best. If you’ve been watching Stranger Things and are in the mood for more retro creeps, go and scare yourself.

And finally, I just discovered History Respawned and I love it. It’s a fantastic podcast series that looks at video games through the eyes of historians. I’ve been playing Dragon Age and The Witcher a lot recently, so this episode made the perfect accompaniment.

That’s it for this week – sorry for my poor, sickly effort. I hope you find something enjoyable here and I’ll see you next week for a better effort.

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