Sunday Swatch

Hiya pals – We have once again reached the end of the week, and with it, our look at some news, opinions and other stuff happening in the gaming world.

A new trailer for POKEMON SUN AND MOON has come out. I really like that they’re showing regional variations for pokemon in canon. I love fan art that shows possible different types of the same pokemon. And it makes a lot of sense – in the real world we have so many animals that have adapted to different climats. You can see the new pokemon here, along with some other new features Nintendo is teasing.

OUTLAST 2, which was due for release this autumn, has been delayed. I’m actually quite sad about this – Outlast had some problems (imo) but I enjoyed the game a lot and found it genuinely scary at points. Read about the delays here.

DEUS EX has got some backs up this week by appropriating the Black Lives Matter movement in the latest ads for the game. While intentions with Augs Lives Matter may be good, currently it comes off as a bit uncomfortable. I am by no means saying that games can’t be political, or mirror current events or injustices, but a certain degree of tact and consideration is needed. Kill Screen have an article about this that I would recommend reading here.

Speaking of politics in games, THIS IS THE POLICE has also caught a lot of attention, but this time for its professed lack of politics. I have not played this game as just reading descriptions of tasks makes me feel really uncomfortable (attacking protestors, firing black officers, accepting bribes), partially because it’s not far from the truth of some police departments. This is a really good article here, and I would highly recommend it.

SUPERMEGA‘s podcast features Matt and Ryan discussing games of their childhood and nostalgia. I heard this right after I’d finished writing about Pokemon and my childhood so it seemed really amazing and perfect to hear their perspective. Supermega sum up some of things I found hard to express – especially that desire to cry when hit by extreme feelings of nostalgia. Listen to Episode 12 below.


Mitch L has made a video about his process for making DARK SOULS videos. I find it insightful to see how content creators go about their process. Check it out below.

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