Overwatch: Sombra Predictions and Hopes

We’ve had Ana added recently, but the Overwatch devs may be planning another new hero soon. There’s been a lot of hints and clues about Sombra revealed recently, so I thought I’d share my guesses about her.

Who is she?

So I don’t have any predictions about this. I’m unsure about the whole Alejandro theory, I think she might be a new character that we haven’t met yet. Most theories assume that she is Mexican, since the most in-game hints about her have been found in the Dorado map. However Solider 76 has a file in the spawn point here, and he isn’t Mexican. I do think there is some lore/origin tie in to this location.

Overwatch or Talon?

The best argument for her being associated with Talon or being a baddie is Reaper’s voice line about her. This suggests that he knows her, or about her. However, whether or not she Alejandro, I do think there’s a strong connection in some way to Solider 76. Now, this doesn’t exclude her from being a bad guy, but I am wondering if Reaper is taunting Soldier 76 with this voice line.

Personally, I think Sombra might be a gray area hero – fighting for the greater good, but not in overwatch, and perhaps going further than Solider would like. I do think that the character roster needs some more baddies in there, there are way too few at the moment, so perhaps Sombra will fall on their side.


What can she do?

So, judging from the voice lines found in the public test server, Sombra is going to be a stealth hero. This has some people despairing, but Blizzard haven’t given us any reason to doubt them yet, and I’m sure they thought a lot about balancing the game. I think a stealth hero done properly could be pretty cool.

I’m imaging that the stealth part may only come into play for her alt. I think what might be good would be a mechanism where  she can cloak herself from the enemy. This would be on a timer perhaps? To attack she must uncloak herself – I’m imaging something similar to one of the monster mechanics in Dead by Daylight. Another option could be how the concealing spell works in Dark Souls. It lasts a short amount of time and enemies won’t detect you until you move within striking range, or attack from a distance. When using this spell, if you come close-ish to enemies they kind of sense your presence – this might tie in with some of the voice lines of the PTS.

Whatever the stealth feature turns out to be, I feel pretty confident that it is possible without making her OP, or ineffective against skilled players (like the spy in Team Fortress).


These are some of my thoughts on Sombra. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long until we get some solid information about her. Feel free to share your speculation with me.

3 thoughts on “Overwatch: Sombra Predictions and Hopes

  1. Great post, Feebles! Totally agree- I think Sombra is 100% going to be our first stealth character, and I don’t mind that! I sort of hope that young Alejandra is Sombra.

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