Sunday Swatch

Just a short one today – sorry. Here’s what caught my attention this week.

Read about the mom who moderates the Twitch chat of her former boobie streamer daughter. I highly recommend it – find it here.

Speaking of mums, another interesting article popped up this week – this time on motherhood in pokemon. It’s a great read that you can find here

And now we move on to the phenomenon of the hour, Pokemon Go. Here we have an in depth look at pokemon go and its relationship to play. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Pokemon Go, but this article was something I really hadn’t considered. If you read nothing else this week, read this.

Again, sorry this is such a short one, hopefully I’ll have a larger selection of interesting reads and news next time.



Faith in Dark Souls: Part 1, Overview

 In this series of blog posts I’d like to explore the importance of religion, and especially faith, to the inhabitants of the dark souls world. Initially I will be focusing on Dark Souls III as the most recent game, but I would like to go back and examine the other games in this series too. This post will serve as an introduction and overview of faith in Lothric.

In Dark Souls lore I have often heard it said that Miyazaki must be skeptical of organised religion due to the number of corrupt or dark faith groups in the Souls universe. I would argue that this may not be the case, or that there is no clear evidence that what Miyazaki creates in his world directly reflects his personal feelings on our own world. In fact, to dismiss the portrayal of faith and religion in Dark Souls through this argument prevents a deeper understanding of the feelings of everyday citizens, Undead or not, in this world.


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