Sunday Swatch

Before E3 is unleashed upon us, take this moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy my round up of interesting news and favourite articles of the week.

OVERWATCH, once again, obviously. This week Eurogamer has an interview with game director, Jeff Kaplan. In it he talks more about possible updates to the game, competitive play, but also drops some hints about possible new character Sombra. Check it out here and join the hunt for all the clues.

Speaking of updates, DOOM devs have been talking about changes to improve multiplayer here. Personally, I’ve not really got into the multiplayer, purely because the campaign is so good, it really outshines everything else. I do think it would be cool if snapmaps were available on multiplayer, as I’ve seen some very creative levels being made. Ultimately though, I would just rather a new campaign to be added – I think they can tinker with multiplayer all they want, it’s still not going to be as good.

OUTLAST 2 is coming out soonish, and demos have been sent out to media. So with all the hype, RockPaperShotgun decided to look back on the first game here. This short article made me chuckle, and really gets to the heart of what is terrifying about the Outlast universe: spare batteries.

Games media and journalism has always been a topic of conversation to some, but there’s been a lot of back and forth on it recently. You’re forgiven if you haven’t been following every campaigning of git gud or argument for easy modes. However this Vice article is a thoughtful piece about games journalism, and why it doesn’t deserve some of the flak it’s been getting from fans recently. Don’t be put off by the title, it is actually worth a look – find it here.

WATCH DOG 2 has had some controversy by revealing that its protagonist is a black man! Outrageous. ‘Don’t look at the comments’ is a good mantra for approaching the steam page – it’s full of the kind of thing that really makes you despair about, not only the state of gaming culture, but society at large. Find out more about it below in this piece by Tanya D, who talks about representation and diversity in gaming, and how it is not the end of the gaming world, despite what some white guys seem to think.

View story at

And finally, here’s an in-depth analysis of the level designs of the SoulsBorne series. Despite the fact that everyone’s been talking about DARK SOULS constantly since it came out, I like that there is still a lot of interesting conversation still happening. I really learnt a lot from this video, watch it here.

So that’s my picks for this week pals. See yous next week for the post E3 wrap up, plus any other cool news and writing that may happen in its shadow. Bye!

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