Comfort Food Games

Inspired by this article over at Rock Paper Shotgun, I’ve been thinking about the games I turn to when I’m feeling shitty, which has been pretty often recently. So, in no particular order, here are some of my game equivalents of comfort food.

  • The Long Dark – I like to put this on Pilgrim mode and just wander around basking in the beautiful scenery. This game is still in early access, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, you totally should. Sandbox mode is all that’s available right now, but it’s a large area and a recent update added some new challenges. Honestly, the lonely scenery and desolate beauty of the world is very peaceful. Some days, playing a game where you do nothing but survive feels pretty fitting.
  • Civilization – I honestly don’t want to know how many hours of life have gone into these games. I like this series because I can adapt my play style to how I’m feeling: I just want to sit and chill? Aim for a diplomatic victory. Feeling lethargic? Cultural victory. Hate everything and everyone? Destroy everything on the map. I also like that you can really just pick this game up as and when, no need to try and remember what was going on last time you played. And for days when I have little concentration, I can just set the game mode to be pretty short.
  • Skyrim/Elder Scrolls Online – These games are really pretty, and actually fairly stress free. I like that you have a lot of freedom to play however you want. So I can just travel around the world, looking at things, helping people out, collecting stuff. It’s nice.
  • The Batman games – Sometimes you just want to beat up baddies and run around Gotham. That might sound like I’m selling these games short but really, that’s all I want from game life sometimes. I seriously love these games.

So that’s a fairly short list of games I like to play when I’m feeling down. I’m always looking for new ones, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.

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