Pure Dead Hard?- Dark Souls III

It may be no surprise that I am playing Dark Souls 3. I mean it’s not like its release has been hyped, that the franchise is a cult hit, or that everyone and their mum has been playing it since it came out.

But, what is surprising, to me at least, is how much I’ve enjoyed it.

First of all, I need to be upfront – I’ve never played a Souls game before, so Dark Souls 3 is my introduction to the series. I’ve always been put off by games that gather a reputation of being difficult. I was intimidated by the way fans talked about how unforgiving, how frustrating these games could be. I wasn’t interested in proving how ‘pro’ I was at games, and so, for a long time, I avoided anything Souls/Borne related.

But with all the hype surrounding the newest instalment to the franchise, I began to hear about another side to Dark Souls that really intrigued me. The more I heard about the environment and the narrative of these games, the more I wanted to explore this world. Honestly, it sounded like everything I wanted from a game experience: this is a game that trusts its players and understands that creating a ‘mature’ game means more than gratuitous sex and violence.

Playing Dark Souls, I’m genuinely surprised by the fact that it isn’t as difficult as I had imagined. That’s not to say I’m finding it easy – there are probably a lot of people with half my hours count who are much further in the game. But, because of the reputation of it being an incredibly hard game, I had imagined that it would be near impossible. I find myself marvelling at how playable the game actually is.

So while Dark Souls may not be for everyone, I would recommend it to those, who like me, have avoided out of fear it would be too difficult. It can take me a while to make significant progress, and it can be frustrating, but it’s been a genuinely enjoyable experience (so far). I’m really glad I picked it up, and I can’t wait to play more of the series.


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